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Strange Things have been afoot at the Circle K Planet3rry Household. I think that everybody now has had their mandatory stomach virus issue now. Seems that our Au Pair and My Lovely and Talented Wife both had the virus yesterday. They were pretty much useless out of commission for the entire day. I came home early to help with the kids. I took The Younger to me to Kroger so that I could make some Ginger Tea for My Lovely and Talented Wife so that she could get rid of the nausea that kept her prone in bed. And the way I make Ginger Tea is with Ginger Root, so we were fresh out of Ginger Root from the last pregnancy, so I had to go to the grocery store. I took The Younger by stealth, as The Elder was absorbed in a video game and would want to come if he knew we were going. Going to get ANYTHING with one kid adds 10 minutes… with 2 kids adds about an hour. It’s insane!

So me and my helper went to the store. Typically, he wants to be carried all the time. I mean, when you have your own portable carrying system (i.e. mommy daddy grandma, mommy daddy grandma) you use it. But I unbuckled his carseat, I said, “Ok, let’s go.”

I made him crawl out of the seat and the car. Before we walked to the entrance I said, “hand please.” He cordially took my hand and we went inside. I found the ginger root that I wanted, gave him the bag and said, “let’s go this way,” leading him to the Natural Foods section (as if there even should be the need to label ANY part of the grocery store ‘natural’ or ‘health’, we should ALL be eating healthy natural food). He was perfectly content on just holding my hand, keeping up with me, avoiding traffic, etc.

“Okay, let’s check out,” I told him as I scored with some Fruit leather on sale. Fruit leather, being in the natural food section, is “real” fruit dehydrated and smashed into a flatten slab o’fruit. The difference between this and something like Fruit Roll-Ups is about 2lbs less sugar in the Fruit Leather. Anyway, you have to pay the “healthy tax” on them, so normally, they are $0.59-0.69 each, but now there is a brand on sale for $0.33. SCORE!

We made our way to the check out, a U-scan at that, and proceed to check out. While we are checking out, The Younger kept putting his hand on the check out bag scale. So the polite womanly voice kept saying “Please put the item back in the bag.” Once we were checked out, I gave the bag to him and said, “Here, carry this.” We then walked to the car and headed home. Done and Done.

At some point in the early evening before putting the kids down, I was hit with “The Black Sleep“. I could not stay awake and I thought that if I just laid my head down, all would be okay. In a 10 minute span, I started to dream some very strange dream that involved The Loud and Lovable Skipper Doodle and some people from our Sunday School class. Very strange… but I didn’t get to finish it.

So I’m leading into the post title, just bear with me. So, I am hit with The Black Sleep and managed to sleep a little when I put the kids down. I wake up and closed down the house minimally so that I could get back to laying down again. Where I would lay down mattered little as to laying down period. Had there been a pillow in the kitchen, I would have napped there.

Despite wanting to sleep the sleep of the undead, I had to stay on point and wait for 1:00am to arrive so that we could get My Lovely and Talented Wife registered for Career Conference. Once that happened, I was out. I woke up late this morning, which was kind of okay because with it being Super Tuesday, the school system was closed. However, The Younger was using me as a trampoline so that I would wake up and make French Toast Sticks. Once the sticks were completed, I DID nap on the kitchen floor.

I managed to make it into work, but all I have wanted to do is sleep. I have been very tired. So tired that I missed running at lunch despite the fantastic 70F weather outside. I rested my head down when lunch finally arrived. I never slept but the resting helped. I haven’t ran since Calhoun’s 10 miler on the 26th of January… almost 10 days ago. what’s up with that! Stomach Bugs… that’s what! I was thinking that with my stomach bug over and done with that I would be back on schedule… Noooooo. But I figured out what is the main culprit of this session of The Black Sleep… Gluten. I had some birthday cake yesterday and although I didn’t get a big piece, I made up for it with some cookies.

If I can some how make it through this afternoon… I should be okay. That’ll teach me. Tomorrow’s weather is also supposed to be warm, so I should get to enjoy this weather before it gets back to the regular scheduled programming… winter.

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