Me Likee POT

Yes, another Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll reference.

I tried to buy some POT yesterday, but I was turned down because my dealer closed shop at 4:00pm and I didn’t have the “secret code” to get some after hours “paper”. So, I queued in an order to make the sale this morning at 9:30am at $770 for a pound contract.

At about 9:29am, I had a change of heart and decided that I wouldn’t buy any POT right now, I would wait to see what the street value of the POT would be. Good thing that I did because it dropped… In less than an hour the street value had dropped $3 an ounce! Having a Bullish feeling on this I picked me up a shiny contract (because that’s ALL that I had left in my pockets) for $400. Already a “government” savings of $370!

And now I am up $270 on the “contract” that I bought and had I gotten the one yesterday I would still be jonesin’ with a $100 loss. But don’t OOH&AHH over this quick turn of some cash, cause I’m still hurting from a contract I bought earlier this week at $910 a pound contract… But I think some “paper” on POT will be just fine in the future.

At least with this POT you don’t have worry about the 420s from the Po-lice!

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