And the winner is…

Leesa with

Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…………..give me back my Sharpeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


Leesa is referencing the “Sharpie Incident” when my kids got ahold of a bag of sharpies and proceed to draw on themselves, the walls, floors, sofa, etc…

Funny now. Not funny then.



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Thank you for all those who voted. You can see the voting results here.

Leesa wins a FREE online calendar from Page-A-Day. Everyday she’ll get a new email based on the calendar that she chooses. I have one and chose “Jokes 2008” which produces groaners such as:

Max at the therapist’s

Therapist: Why did you stop playing the piano?

Max: Because they laughed and laughed when I sat down to play.

Therapist: Why did they do that?

Max: No bench.

She’ll get to chose from this list of calendars. And even though it’s already February (IT’S ALREADY FEBRUARY?) she’ll be able to get “back issues” of the email.


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