Isabella IsaHansen

“I have never been more ready in my entire life to do this right now.
Never. It’s all been leading up to this moment.
All right now, right here.
My whole life, right here….”
We got rhyme selections in a wide array
J’ai des bons bons pour vous mangez
The party people scream “Oui, oui c’est vrai!”
‘Cause I got a remote for my B-Day-“Alive” Beastie Boys

One of my friend’s here in Knoxville just had a little girl, Isabella Claire Hansen, today. Okay, so his wife, Annette, was the one that did all the “pregnancy duties”. Arriving a number of weeks early, she weight 3lb 7oz and 16.75 inches long. Last word is that she is breathing on her own but will need to stay in the NICU for a couple of weeks to ripen a little more. Knowing her dad… she’ll be knocking back White Russian Martini’s in a couple of days and be the life of the NICU.



Congratulations to Tom and Annette!

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