Contest: Caption THIS!

Here is my first attempt at a Caption THIS contest, hopefully it won’t end up as a trainwreck. But there is a prize at stake, so you got to bring your game. This is how it’s going to work:

  • Submissions for the contest will be accepted via the Comment Section at the bottom of this post (you can’t miss it).
  • I will keep comments open until Wednesday January 30th 2008 1pm Eastern, at which point I will close comments
  • A poll will be created for YOU the reader to vote on which caption is the best. I’ll let you know how long voting will be up when the time comes.
  • At the end of the voting period, the votes will be tabulated and the winner announced.

I have in my mind that the winner will be announce Monday Feb 4th, since that will be after the Supertastic Bowlerific game is played.

Your captions should either be what the subject is thinking/saying OR you can the picture as an advertisement and use a witty tagline.

You can submit comments as long as they are open. If you’ve never submitted a comment before (shame on you) and be aware that I moderate your very first comment. Once I approve your comment (really the email address) your comments will show up automatically. But before I approve your comment, it’s held in my virtual Comment Death Row until I provide the Stay of Execution.

I have the right to delete any submission that is in bad taste – but most things will be okay.

Caption THIS

Caption THIS vol 1

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