Weekend Update

Our Sunday School Soiree wasn’t too bad. Although I should have had something to drink, just to take the edge off… it was okay. I think there were only a few times that I had to wander around trying to get into the conversations. I found out that one guy is home brewer and was going to travel 2 hours (one way) just to get specialty beer. (I need to hang out with him more) and another guy has the saem cholestoral problem as I do. Borderline high (around 210ish) and no matter what we do, is doesn’t go down… curse you genetics!!! I was telling him about the Smoothie (or ‘schmovie’ as The Younger calls it) that I have almost every morning that has premium flax seed oil and that has helped a bunch.

The gift exchange was a riot. Everyone who brought a gift pulled a number out of the hat. And in order, you picked a gift OR you could take a gift that was already chosen. For Example, the person who was picking 8th could take the gift that the 3rd person opened. The 3rd person would then either chose someone else’s gift or pick a new one. An open gift could only be taken 3x, meaning the person taking it the 3rd had it forever. Our Elvis clock was the first to be “taken” by another couple. Two gifts stood out, a wig and a Mrs. Claus nightie. The wig (as we found out) was a wig that was used as a spare and for “replacement plugs”, but it looked between a cross between Mrs. Brady and 80s Mullet. It actually got “Taken” by another person who was going to wear it to work (he is a little on the receeding hair side). The Mrs. Claus nightie was a red, wrap around (not much in the “around” part), lingerie that had a santa hat. You can imagine that there was quite a bit of comments going around.

Ours was the Blue Suede Shoes Elvis Clock


Our Booty
The glasses are surprisingly REAL glass!

Our gift was something that we could actually “use”, sort of. We got a pair of butt ugly wine glasses and two decorative wine toppers. The tree wine stopper actually looks nice. The Santa one, is just plain gross hilarious. If you look at the Santa topper, it makes it look like Santa is taking a huge dump right into the wine. Granted, some wine doesn’t taste too far off from a nice porclein libation (ask your Dog which flavor is best), but do I need Santa “looking” like I was on the “naughty” list AND he ran out of coal?

Santa wine topper

What I had forgotten was that The Elder was having his Christmas Party on Saturday. My Lovely and Talented Wife had an appointment so this meant that I would need to being the kids and she would meet me there. Easy enough. In fact, we made it the place 20 minutes early and we drove around the country backroads so that The Younger could sleep some more.

All but one of The Elder’s classmates were there. So, the house was full of kids, parents and two babies. It was very nice and easy to chat with these parents. They are in the same situation as we are with The Elder. I don’t think I brought up running once! I did take out Stella and have to download pictures from her. Not sure that I got any good pictures, but I’ll check.

It was very nice to network with some other parents with kids the same age as our kids and some with even siblings who don’t have Aspergers, so it’s very similar.

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