Random Wednesday

I think that my lack of wanting to run this week has been directly proportional to the wind we have had here. Seems that even though it was cold on Tuesday (36F), that because there was no wind, I had an easy 3 miler. However, both Monday and Today (Wednesday) have been moderately windy and thus when I have thought about running, I’ve opted for my desk. Today, I should have gone to the indoor pool, but I have to chalk that one up to sheer laziness.

I’ve been pondering about what running events that I want to participate in during 2008. I think that I may focus on my shorter races and triathlons with just one marathon. I think I can create a schedule that will will catapult me through the year building on the different events. I’m sure once that I map it out on a calendar it will make more sense that in my brain.

More reasons why I just need to relax during December besides the normal downtime/ cyclic depression is that I will be have a minor medical procedure next Thursday that will keep me down and out for 2 days. It’ll be a nice day to play hooky from work but I won’t be able to much of anything.

Also, I want to (and need to) give blood this month before the new year so that I can maintain my Super Donor status. Given the fact that for about 7 days after giving blood, my speed running sucks and I’m having this medical excursion, that I will give blood on the 27th or 28th. This way, I can be fully recovered for Calhoun’s 10 miler at the end of January


I have not done any of my Christmas Baking yet. So, I need to get on the ball with that. Oh, I found out the there is Hazelnut Milk… I didn’t know they had udders either. My Truffle recipe calls for heavy cream, so I am not sure that I can get the same effect with just a “regular” milk consistency.


I took a few shots when I was in Maryville for the Reindeer Run. Here is the slideshow and link to the picture album.


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