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This Week’s Theme: Long


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I was actually a little clueless on what I was going to do for the theme this week. I didn’t really have anything that I thought fit the “long” theme and I will be anxious to see what you all used for the theme.

I took this photograph this past Thursday and it wasn’t until late that night that I thought it would be a perfect picture for the “Long” Theme. The picture is a pre-dawn picture of the crescent moon along with the planet Venus right above it. The picture is clickable to a large format size, if the picture still looks the same, you should have a magnifying glass to scroll through the picture. The planet Venus is a solid white dot directly above the moon.

So why did I think it qualified for the “Long” Theme:

Distance from Earth: At its closest, Venus is 26 million miles (41,840,000 km) away

Mean Distance of Moon from Earth – 238,712 mi (384,400 km)

That’s a Long Ways Away!!!

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