Limitations of Google

I ran into a wall yesterday as I was migrating our family pictures from Coppermine Gallery to Picasa Web Albums.

Our evolution in web pictures: I originally constructed webpages by hand to host our pictures. Cut and Paste Code to construct the pages, format the pictures, upload, etc.. Then, I found this great tool that built the web albums for me, but I still had to have space to host the albums and I had to upload all the files myself. I could batch resize pictures within the program and all the coding was done for me and such things such as auto-navigation and thumbnails were a nice treat. Next came Coppermine and the other Database-type web albums. You had a TON of options and uploading and constructing the webalbums was much easier. Then, after seeing my brother in law using his Picasa Web Albums from Google, you could just select the pictures you want in a GUI interface and a couple of clicks it was done… I could create 10 albums in about 90 seconds…

However, despite you having a 1 gig of space to use, you can only create 250 web albums. So right now, I am stuck and I still have 750+MB of space left. I can’t make anymore albums unless Google ups the limit or I open another Google account. The latter being that I have to have 2 URLs for our pictures which is something that I want to avoid and was my reason for moving stuff over to Picasa since it was so easy, fast and user friendly.

I have an email to them inquiring about Picasa, so we’ll see…

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