Chatting with The Elder

Here’s a conversation with The Elder on Google Chat this afternoon. The [WORDS] are the smilicons of the word and in Google Chat are animated. Not only do you get to see how his day at school went, but he also tells you a story. My Lovely and Talented Wife is typing, The Elder’s not a proficient typer…

(also Pink is the The Elder)

Sent at 1:36 PM on Tuesday
Pink: hi daddy
it’s me The Elder
me: hi The Elder…
Pink: oops
daddy are you there?
it’s me The Elder
[grin] [heart]
me: hi
Pink: [cool]
me: how was school?
Pink: [angry]
me: uh-oh, what happened?
Pink: pee on my clothes
me: oh no…
Pink: [frown] l
me: did you miss the potty?
Pink: [shocked] d
me: sorry to hear that
Pink: [angry] [heart] ok
[wink] [cry]
me: what happened?
Pink: [smile] [cool] i just pee pee on my pants
me: remind daddy to put new pants in your backpack for tomorrow, okay?
Pink: [smile] [cool] [straightface] [heart]
and folder
me: yeah and folder too!
Pink: [grin] [straightface] [tongue] [heart] [grin] [cry] [shocked]
[straightface] [wink] [grin] [angry] [angry] [smile]
me: those are cool faces
[heart] [heart] [heart] [heart]
[heart] [heart] [heart] [heart]
Pink: [cool] [angry] [grin] [slant] [straightface] [frown] [angry] [grin]
Sent at 1:49 PM on Tuesday
Pink: [slant] [wink] [grin] [grin]
snack time
me: yummy!
Sent at 1:51 PM on Tuesday
Pink: [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant] [slant]
[tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue] [tongue]
[angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry] [angry]
me: silly
Pink: [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart]
me: me me too
Pink: [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin] [grin]
me: laughing is funny
Pink: can you see it when we mouse over them?
me: they move when I mouse over them
Pink: isn’t that cool?
me: yeah, it’s a neat feature
Pink: tuesday december 4 2007
me: what season is it?
Pink: thomas and friends and the shrink pot
me: okay…
Sent at 2:00 PM on Tuesday
Pink: the shrink pot and the shrink just do it percy and henry and gordon and the shrink pot goes upside down and it goes upside down ok good and make they get out. And now the shrink pot goes over and over and round and round and all the way to the floor like that and they go to the shed where all the other engines ok.
me: and then what?
Sent at 2:02 PM on Tuesday
Pink: i love you james and shrink pot does shrink james and went to the dark cave where percy shunting cars and the cars run down the tunnel and bumped into the straight thing in the tunnel and they CRASHED and now it there two things are up and a avalanche came down down to percy and doug and thomas came to the rescue. Thomas says that’s a close to avalanche and those cars can’t only Edward and Rocky and do the rest to get magnets to get those cars and um one day sir topham hat hear all that noise and sees the cars in the tunnel where the avalanche is. Thomas is in the shed with percey and james and where henry is. Rocky and edward are not here. They gonna be right back when they come to the shed they come to the turntable and they sleep and very good to sleep and the doors are closed. Ok The End
(I hope you copy and paste this in your blog)
me: what a great story
Pink: Toby he saw a big river and the dam is breaking and the bricks fell down and make a big waterfall. And the bridge came ot and the pieces ofthe track and saw the sign beware the waterfall. and the driver said we go around waterfall we do. Harold droped onto Toby buffers and Percy was back there and pushed Toby all the way and clean clean clean and held and lived happily ever after. And The End.
I love you. Bye (from
The Elder)
me: bye
love you
Pink: cat mouse dog bear and washer

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