The steady easy run

I wasn’t all that motivated to workout today. What seemed the best idea was to just stay under the hot water in the shower for an hour and knowing that it was someone else’s hot water. Somewhere in my brain something said that it would be better for me to run today and to shrivel up like a prune in the locker room.

My race week is a little off because my race is on Sunday afternoon, which means that no speed work on Friday instead of Thursday. It also means that I need to do a tune up run on Saturday instead of Friday, but since I don’t have the opportunity to run on Saturday, I have to run on Friday, but it’s not a speed day!

Well, I’ll work that out when Friday and Saturday comes around. What I needed to think about was what to run Today. I thought that an Easy Run would be in order since 1) I wasn’t all that motivate to run and 2)I had an excellent Speed session yesterday. I thought with those two factors that I could resist from my Tempo Tendencies where I turn every planned run into a Tempo Workout.

Not only was I not really motivated to run, I wasn’t all that motivated to run on any of the courses that I run on a normal basis. So that meant, branch out and try something new. I thought that I would run the first mile on a course that I was familiar with so that I could check my pace and make sure that I wasn’t creeping into that Tempo groove.

The first mile was 9:11 and although it was about the same as my marathon pace, it felt pretty easy. I was able to look around while running and see all the great sights. Eh, not that many great ones today. So, after the 1 mile mark, I decided to explore down in World’s Fair Park where I could map out another simple route that would be easy to remember the mile markers for future runnings.

Not to bore you will all the intricate details of my ever so exciting easy run. I ended up running 3.12 miles at an 9:07 average pace. I still finished with enough time to get in a 10 minute nice hot shower. So, the day wasn’t lost. Actually, my legs were a little sore from yesterday’s speed workout, so it was a good thing that I ran easy today. I’m thinking that I’ll just run tomorrow with Soon-To-Be-Dr. David after work as not to tire myself out too much before the race.

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon