The Post Marathon Let Down Run

It’s Race week and I am gearing up for some fabulous prizes in the Guess My Time contest for Autumnfest 8k held on Thanksgiving (US Holiday) this coming up Thursday. I haven’t decided what I am going to offer yet, but I will have the prize and the official rules in an upcoming post.

But first onto today’s bleh run. I was emailing one of my friends who recently ran a marathon on her comment that she had a bad run. A really pathetic run of less than 5 miles that left her a little depressed. Why could I run a marathon but then have such a horrible run. Well, it’s a normal occurrence, form my observation. There is a point in the recovery process from a long run or marathon causes this. I don’t have anything but personal experience to back this up, but it’s something that I do see.

Sometimes, it’s not very dramatic but sometimes, like my friend’s run and like my run today it’s very pronounce. I mean, why could have a great 8 mile 2-fer on Thursday at a 8:30 average mile pace and then totally bonk on today’s run?

It started out okay, because I had I good 8:30 pace for about the first mile, but then something uncharacteristic happened, I stopped at around the 1.5 mile and stood there for a minute. That’s not a good sign. I pushed forward until the 2.67 mile marker where I stopped to walk. I actually stopped and admired the river, the current and the leaves and trash in the water for about 3-5 minutes. Just hanging out. Not really doing anything.

This was supposed to be a course familiarization run for Thursday’s race as most of the course is run on Neyland Drive and the UT campus. My last mile was a 12:25 average, but I have to confess that I walked some of it. This put my 3.91 mile run at 39:55 or a 10:08 average pace. And before you go into… “I’d kill for a time like that”… remember that speed is relative. So it’s like a 12:30 pace, if you are used to an 11:00 mile pace or a 13:30 pace if you are used to a 12:00 min pace. Although they are all Apples, they are different varieties.

I’m just hoping that this is a one time deal, that it’s out of my system. I am scheduling a run for Wednesday to run the last part of the course, which will include a finish line simulation to get me ready for Thursday morning.

On another note, thanks to Ms. ShirleyPerly for confirming that my legs are probably NOT broken and that it’s really just muscle soreness. I ran the other part of my Thursday run in the shoes that I was thinking caused the initial onset and I had no new muscle pain. I would expect for the pain to reoccur in intensity with the accused shoes, but alas, my legs were fine post run. Therefore, I am NOT excommunicating my Harmony shoes from my running congregation. In fact, they are the ideal shoes for Thursday’s Run.

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