The Autumnfest Tune Up

My interval run today was my tune up for the race tomorrow. I am fortunate to work very close to the Autumnfest course. In fact, I could run the entire course, if I had planned my day appropriately, but I wasn’t in running the whole course, just the finish line. This will be the 4th running on this particular course and it’s one of the flatter courses in the Knoxville Area. By no means is it level, but the last 2.5 miles of the course (I should have just said last half) is gently rolling.

The course is run on Neyland Drive and all though I couldn’t run on the road at lunch time, I did run on the generous shoulder and that was pretty close. I was in good spirits during the run and did some race day visualization for tomorrow morning. I was imaging, how I was feeling at points on the course, and I also started to this of some race say strategy on when to begin the final push toward the Finish Line and when to “engage” the boosters at the end of the race.

My Lovely and Talented Wife will be on the Finish Line crew volunteering and I will be part of the Day of Race Registration. This is one position that I can volunteer for and still run the race. It’s like double dipping!

So everything looks pretty good to go. I’ll need to eat a little extra tonight and have a solid breakfast in the morning. But other than everything else is about ready to go.

Don’t forget to play the It’s Race Week! Be a Winner contest

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