Smells Like Chickamauga

ChickamaugaOkay, it’s official!

This weekend, under short notice, I will be running my 10th marathon at the Chickamauga Marathon. Now this course and I have a little history together. If you have ever heard the Phedippidations episode about Race Day Strategies, you’ll know that strategies that I suggested, I learned from this experience. Know The Course and Know The Start Time, else you might be in for a wild ride of running a different race on the same course and fleeing from a wild pack of rabid chihuahuas.

The Chickmauga marathon course is run almost exclusively on the Chickamauga National Battlefield and is manage by the Chattanooga Track Club. The course starts out just outside of the battlefield, makes two loops inside the park and then back out to the start/finish line.

It’s not a large race and crowd support will be lean, really, nonexistent in some places. The total number of finishers for the marathon in 2006 was 323, not large by any stretch of the imagination. However, I am used to the smaller race size and sometimes running alone.

From what I remember in 2005, it is does have some very scenic views and the amount of Civil War monuments is amazing. You run by battle markers and monuments. Canons, like in the picture. I’m debating on whether to bring a camera or not, just to avoid the distraction.

My plan for Saturday’s run is to attempt to break my current marathon of 4:09:03 set on November 10, 2001 (6 years to the DAY). I think that I have a legitimate shot of breaking this BUT there has been a large amount of volatility in my training these past few months. This training season would be the first time that my longer runs of 13 or more have been broken into 2 sessions in the same day. Also, I only have 1 long run, of 20 miles which wasn’t too long ago. But I know the Phedippidations Half Marathon run, although being only 13.1, pushing the two kids in the double stroller added some resistance training.

Saturday’s Marathon will be a day trip. Chickamauga is about 2 hours away from knoxville. I will leave around 4:45am for the 7:30 start and then drive home after the race. My Lovely and Talented Wife will have to pry me out of the car, as my legs will have locked in the seated position from the sheer fatigue.

I am planning on sending a text message to my secret blog email account so that it will post sometime Saturday late Morning/ early Afternoon. So although you won’t be able to track me while I am running, I will send my unofficial time here and you can see how I did. A Race Report and Scorecard will follow next week (of course)!

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