Shin Shin Sher-ee

Chim Chim Cher eeShin shin-in-ey, shin shin-in-ey
shin shin sher-ee!
A runner is as lucky, as lucky can be
Shin shin-in-ey, shin shin-in-ey
shin shin sher-oo!
Good luck will rub off when I shakes ‘ands with you

I ran today, for the first time post- PR Setting Chickamauga Marathon. I waited until today more out of scheduling than anything else. I wish that I had ran on Wednesday because a storm font came through and it was 73F yesterday and 44F Today!

Regardless the thing that I was worried about most is my shins. In a previous blog entry, I said that I have stressed my shins during a regular lunchtime run. As I was thinking about it, it made obvious sense on why I hurt my shins that day. Just like from the movie Seven, Vanity caused me great pain. Okay, so it’s nothing like the movie, but it was my vanity that resulted in my shin problems. Then, with the marathon, the shin pain came back. It didn’t hurt enough that I was in pain, but it wasn’t comfortable either.

So post marathon, the shins were okay. I never really noticed them, but when I did there was no pain. I didn’t think that I had seriously injured them, but then again maybe I did.

So today, I ran my Fave Run the Market Square Fab 4 miler, and I never felt my shins at all. Now, I did feel my ankle a couple of times and my legs weren’t too bad either. I wasn’t looking at the watch, but I did capture my split times and I was a little surprised at my times: 8:33, 8:27, 8:45 and 8:34.

Now, I am back at my desk and my shins don’t hurt, but they do feel tight. Am I to think that it’s just muscular and that it’s still in the healing process, or do I think something worse (like stress fractures). I’m not too well versed in shin problems. When I had shin splints back in 1998, it hurt to run (it doesn’t now) and I changed my shoes and it went away. So, not sure why it’s still hanging around other than it’s residual from the marathon.


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