Number 297

I take The Elder to school Monday through Thursday Morning and being the Aspergian Dynamic Duo, we have our standard ritual in place. As we get off the Interstate onto Pellissippi parkway, the “Ramp” sign is pointed out because the arrow for the ramp resembles a “p” and is very unique. Then, after 1 minute of not talking, we come to another “Exit” sign and comment on that arrow. It look like the letter “n”. Then it stays pretty quiet until we get to the train tracks and then we go over our train track routine.

This morning we are driving along and The Elder gets excited and says, “There’s My Bus!” One of the small yellow Knox County school buses drifts behind us as we pass in the fast lane on Pellissippi. The Elder takes the a school bus of the same size and color from school back to the house. I look in the rear-view mirror and see the numbers 297 on the front plate. Hmmm, that seems familiar.

I call My Lovely and Talented Wife. “Honey, we passed by a school bus and The Elder said ‘There’s my Bus’, what’s his bus number?”


“Really, that’s the one we passed…”

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