Holiday Munchables

Part of the Christmas Season Tradition for me has been to bake stuff. Anything that I could, whenever I could. Typically, I try to fall into the holiday genre of baking, such as the Gingerbread Houses, Gingerbread Cookies, Making my own Reese Peanut Butter Tree clones, Truffles, can’t think of any others right now. I made a red velvet cake Christmas tree one year.

So this year, the rules have changed. I now am baking my Christmas Munchables without regular flour (sans Gluten) and without Cow’s Milk (sans Casein). Okay, I might use some chocolate that might “techincally” have casein in it but for all practical purposes, it will be Casein Free with an asterisk, since this is the year of the “asterisk” (at least in Sports).

Here’s what I have on my list:

Truffles (made with Almond Milk)… yeah, who knew that Almonds had udders.

Monster Cookies – these are those cookies that you make in a huge batch in a huge dish that makes close to 1000 cookies. The only change I would have to make is 86 (leave out) the M&Ms and replace the Chocolate Chips with Dark Chocolate Chips. I think everything else is okay. Unless you are in the camp that Oats, could be “contaminated” with Gluten. I took the Blue Pill and think that Oats are okay.

Gingerbread House/Train – Now, I was reminded that we are going to borrow a train mold to create a gingerbread train for The Elder since one of his special interests is trains. The Younger, well, he gets one too because he’ll just repeat like a broken record “me me too, me me too” if he doesn’t get one. I was thinking that perhaps along with the train, that I would build something 3 dimensional. I would say 4 dimensions but I don’t want to scare anyone. I saw how my readership dropped off after I gave you that mathematical scare. Just remember that mathematics, when used for recreational purposes, can be enlightening. I was planning on making a 3 dimensional train, but I think the mold is just a boring 2-D thing… which is fine for the 4yo.

I was thinking about making a house of some sort, but wasn’t sure of what and how intricate I would want to make it.

Thoughts, Opinions, Rants or Raves?

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