Final Preparations

This is one nice thing about deciding at the last minute to do a marathon. You don’t have all the extra lamenting on whether or not you trained enough, are you ready for the race and the other things that go through your mind during the Taper period. Not that you don’t have them, they are condensed into a few days rather than a few weeks.

So here’s what I have been concerned about for the race:

Last Maintenance run
I ran today at lunch, a rather speedy 3 miles. It’s a break from the norm, but I am following a strategy that I picked up from fellow Worldwide Half Marathon Challenge Race Director John Ellis. Instead of going into the race on two days rest. I go into the race have run the day before, this is supposed to have the legs primed for the run, rather than have settled. I looked back at my training log, and there were times where I had ran the day before a race and did well at the race.

I did take it pretty easy this week, ran on Monday, swam on Wednesday then ran on Friday.

We are in that transition period in the weather that it can be 50-60F during the day and 30-40F at night. I did not want to dress for 30s and then end up in 50s. Based on the pontificaters over at, the weather for the race is going to be right about perfect.

Chicky Weather

Race Starts at 7:30 (I checked) and with it being above 40, that means that will wear shorts, but probably just a longsleeved shirt, maybe a short sleeved layer. I’ll bring a hat and gloves for good measure.

Pre Race Strategy
I plan on packing my car tonight before the race. This way, I just need a few things before I leave early in the morning. I’m sure that I will be a little anxious that I don’t oversleep… wouldn’t that totally suck? But I will have to be extra quiet because The Younger will wake up and want to go with me.

Race Strategy
I saw that Greg is running the OBX marathon on Sunday (you can play Guess His Time on his site) and he was implementing a 10/10/10 plan. He’s running the first 10 miles at one pace, then the next 10 at another pace and then the last 10, wait, 6.2 miles at another pace. He’s going for negative splits. I don’t think that I have the training logged into accomplish negative splits, but I think that I can do some positive splits. I’m going for a 6/10/6.2

First 6 @ 9:00 min pace
Middle 10 @ 9:15 min pace
Last 6.2 @ 9:30 min pace
predicted time 4:02
faster predicted limit 3:55
slower predicted limit 4:15

Promised by the website, there are plenty of water stations on the course and I have schedule for 6 gel intakes. Not sure if I will eat all 6 or not. Sometimes I get tired of them towards the end of the race.

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon