Dumpster Diving pt 6

I had a chance to visit one of my favorite Knoxville places, the recycling facility, yesterday. I was dropping off my mixed paper supply and I was dropping off some extra plastic bottles that had built up over the holiday week.

It was a lean day at the Recycling Facility for MyCokeReward Points. Although this excursion I wasn’t really jumping into the containers and looking for them, I did find 2 codes hanging out. So I didn’t go empty handed.

On a MyCokeReward note, I was thinking that they were going to close up shop on the game because they didn’t restock their inventory at the start of the basketball season like they did last year. The new prizes that they did add to the list of rewards were pretty much crap. I was actually thinking about cashing my points like Weiner Hallie and buy MORE Diet Coke. Of course, that would leave me with 30+ coupons of soda… not bad. But I would rather get something really nice and then use the other points to offer give aways! I mean the next Guess My Time, Win Crap contest will be in January and then about once a month through May, that’s alot of free swag that I can have shipped to people.

Then, I get this email today saying:

coke email

So just when I was going to bail on them, they tell me they love me and I’m hooked all over again. I sure hope that whatever they decide to add to their prize locker is less sucky then what is there now.

A big thanks to all the people who send me codes!!!

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