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It’s Standard Operating Procedure in our household to break out the Christmas Decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. We had wanted to include our Au Pair in this endeavor but she had gone to Washington DC for a road trip and honestly, that would be much more exciting, since they have Christmas in Brazil, but they don’t have Washington DC there.

Another thing that happens is that two of the local radio stations play Christmas Music all day everyday from Thanksgiving to Christmas and so we cranked up the radio in the kitchen to get the mundane but festive Christmas songs playing through the house. I did hear the Jeff Foxworthy 12 Days of Christmas but that was at 11pm.

We are going to be going to South Carolina for Christmas so we decided to forego putting up our 9 foot mammoth tree and all the decorations (hard) and put up the kid’s tree with wooden decorations (easy) instead. The kids loved it and we had a sensory activity for the kids with stringing macaroni on fishing line for do-it-yourself garland. We (read: really just My Lovely and Talented Wife) painted the macaroni and placed it on the tree. We have this HUGE bag of macaroni because before we were Casein Free, we’d take the Cheese Mix from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Cheese and Macaroni and mix it with Gluten Free Pasta… and it was good. So now we have this gallon size bag of macaroni for such crafts as Christmas Garland, maracas, snowflake macaroni decorations (read: throw handfuls macaroni onto tree), Macaroni Cushion decorations (read: throw handfuls macaroni onto couch) and the ever popular Macaroni Floor decorations (read: throw handfuls macaroni onto carpet).

The problem with all , most… eh, make that all mainstream radio stations is that the pool of songs to chose from is very very shallow. So, there might be a few Christmas songs in my 367 song library that I might be already tired of hearing. Thankfully the radio station (an Adult Easy Listening Station) has not played such songs as Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC, from the A Very Special Christmas album, the album that really started my love for Christmas songs and other “off mainstream” songs. I have some store credit at our local Book/Audio Book/CD/VHS/Video Game swap place and will probably score some more less mainstream Christmas music there. Don’t get me wrong, I have some mainstream and classic Christmas songs in my fave rotation.

Saturday, the kidlets and I (read: me) put up the outside light. We have some long netting white lights that we put out on our landscaping for a neat effect and some colored lights in the bushes. The driveway retaining wall is decorated with the lighted icicle lights but for some reason, only every other strand works. And seeing that we are going to South Carolina for Christmas, I’m not all that motived to check the lights.

Even here at work, I pulled up the grungy slightly used Christmas tree from the bellows of the house basement. I think I’m going to bring in some colored lights from home to make my desk area a little more festive. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry that some colored lights will be taken down because it’s not offending someone. Actually, I wish that someone here were I worked celebrated Chanukah, because I am totally ignorant about the whole Festival of Lights other than what I learned from Southpark and Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song parts 1 & 2. I need to learn more about Kwanzaa other than it would be an awesome Triple Word score in Scrabble. I hear there is even some who really celebrate Festivus and We have Freedom of Religion here in America and the corollary to that Freedom of Holidays, although I might get stoned (with rocks, not pot) if I wish the wrong person a Merry Christmas here on my home turf. Hmmm, I think some of the more uptight people could use a little pot to mello out over the next few weeks…

And so my Christmas Holiday season has started. I’ll be highlighting some of the traditions that I have personally (certain music, my Christmas baking etc) and I am sure that I will have some humorous stories about how Santa scares the pants off The Elder and The Younger… which sorta happened on Wednesday at the Fantasy of Trees.

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