55 Days & Stem Cells

I posted an entry a month ago about Forrest Spence, the son of a Friend of a Friend who was born 3 weeks early (The Elder was 3 weeks early) and had Strep B Infection. We found out, that little Forrest had 55 days with his family in this world. He passed away Sunday Night, apparently without any pain or discomfort. Please Pray for the Family, Brittany and David as they are now coping with the loss of a family member.

Also, Elijah of Pray for Elijah Fame is having a stem cell transplant today at 12 Noon Eastern. So He, His Family, the Doctors and Nurses could use a prayer, positive energy. Elijah is a friend of Susan from I Run for My Life and she is HUGE fan of Elijah. She is running her 2nd Marathon, the St. Jude Marathon on December 1st in Memphis TN in Elijah’s honor. Elijah’s Neuroblastoma returned early in 2007 after a brief remission.

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