Why learn it? You’ll never use it!

Here’s an actual conversation that I had with an employee at Joann’s Fabric Store. I went to the store to get a Daddy Gimme (The Younger SPeak for Daddy Blanket) because the highly geeky cool chemistry pattern on the fabric. I brought a 40% coupon but the blanket was 50% off and I used the coupon for some Thomas the Tank Engine Stickers for the kids. So the total is $12.87

Handing her $13 in bills and then 7 cents.

“Here’s 13 and 7 cents”

She types in the amount and the display on the register reads “0.17”. I thought that didn’t seem right, I had given the 7 cents to get 2 dimes (that’s 20 cents for the mathematically challenge 😉 ). I leaned over and looked at the receipt as she was digging for the 17 cents. I see “13.04” typed on the receipt.

“I gave you 13.07, the receipt says 13.04”

“Oh,” she says dropping the change back into the drawer. “How much do I owe you?”

“20 cents.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll trust you.” So she’s getting out the 2 dimes out of the drawer and I say something to the effect of “It’s that whole number thing.”

“Yeah, I’m not good at math, it’s a good thing I don’t need it here.”

*cricket chirping* I walk out of the store thinking “I gotta blog about that”.

Doesn’t need math? In a retail store? In a fabric cutting store, where you have to use numbers and math to figure out how to much fabric to cut? At the register where there is MONEY being exchange? *slaps hand on forehead*

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