The Cashier and Candy Bar

On Monday, My Lovely and Talented Wife and I went out for dinner. I was freakin’ starved and was thinking Mexican. Mexican Restaurants have a pretty substantial Gluten Free menu, especially since you can opt for corn tortillas. And since we actually don’t have Celiac disease, cross contamination is not an issue. WE are starting to shift to a Casien Free Diet and at Mexican places you can get food Dairy Free as well, as long as the people hear you.

Well, while ordering the clerk behind the counter was very friendly and enthusiastic, but I was in a hungry/aspergian state of mind. I was nothing more than a Robot ordering some consumable product for ingestion. My Lovely and Talented Wife said, “He’s trying to be friendly to you.”

Asperger people don’t or can’t catch on to these clues as naturally as neuro-typical (NT) people. But once she said that I realized what was going on. Basically, I was emitting being a “jerk” when I was feeling “I’m neutral.” I did try to make it up to the next guy, even when I said that “I didn’t want Cheese”, he puts a whole handful on there. Oh well, it’s not going to kill me.

So that was a somewhat typical (for me) Aspergian Moment. Here’s an example, one day later, of a non-Aspergian moment. I went into Walgreens to pick up some meds. Now, I can’t go into a store without wanting to get a Diet Coke or some other drink. I was 2 seconds from deciding NOT to get one, when I heard the Marketing genius from Coca-Cola talk to me saying “You want Diet Coke, Diet Coke Good, My Coke Reward Points on Diet Coke, You are getting Thirsty” I walk up with my Diet Coke to counter and check as normal. It’s the nice older lady that I see frequently. And I notice something new on the counter. A candy bar.

Now, this is big news for me! I love candy bars and chocolate. This one was a Reese’s Peanut Butter Bar. Think “Peanut Butter 3 Musketeer!” Yeah, I know! I didn’t have enough money to get both and the Reese’s Marketing people aren’t in my head… yet.

“They’re pretty good,” the cashier added.

I asked, “What do they taste like?”

“Creamy on the inside”

“Lighter than a Reguar Reese’s Cup?”

“Yes,” she responded.

“So, like a Peanut Butter 3 Musketeer bar?” I asked.

“Kind of like that.”

“Cool, Thanks.”

I took about 2 steps towards the door and turned around and said,

“You know, just when you think they can’t make any new candy bars, the companies come out with this,” I exclaimed pointing to the small display of newly found sources of fat and carbohydrates. Holy Special Interests Batman! That wasn’t no non-Aspergian moment! *GASP* Candy Bars (and Chocolate) are one of my Interests. *Slaps hand on forehead*

Here I thought that I was making social chit-chat and albeit at the time it was, while I was checking out. But as I was leaving, I was compelled to stop, turn around and talk about a preferred interest and with my own slant. But at least I am starting to recognize these things… just part of being “pleasantly eccentric”

In case you were wondering:

huh, come to find out they’ve only been out since 10/12

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