It’s already tomorrow, which is today if you are reading this on Thursday and in the past sometime if it’s after Thursday.

Here’s my dilemma. I’m getting my physical today, the one where you can only drink water or black coffee until your appointment which will be *cry* 13.5 hours from now. So when I finish, it will be probably around 2pm or so. Now, I normally am at work and it’s Terry day, so that I run errands and just run. And It wasn’t going to be all that big of a deal because my Step-Dad Pete (Pa-Pa) to the kids and his gf Janet (aka J-lo) were coming to visit tomorrow. It was going to workout great for me, because my doctor is close to my house, so I could run errands at lunch when I came home, see the doctor, go home and see My Lovely and Talented Wife and Kids, then be there for P&J. But not any more. And actually, the reason is that my Grandmother has some swelling in her knee and the nurse wants her to get it check out, which means that Pete needs to take her. So Prayers and Positive vibes for Grandmother. She’s spunky and knockin’ on the big 9-0 in the next year or so.

But what this means is that I have a change in plans and am not really prepared for it. I was going to go into a post about how well my running has been and that if I could get at least one 20-22ish mile run in, I could probably take out my marathon PR time, if I run Chickamauga this year. But my problem was that I wasn’t going to have the opportunity to run that distance unless I ran like Susan and got up, before I went to bed and then ran 20 miles. But now, a logical door is opening up. However, it’s one of those split doors…

Here’s the problem… I forgot, that I was having a physical. Then when I remembered I did, I remembered I was having lab work. What I didn’t find out until Monday, was that my appointment is at 1:30pm. What the hell was I thinking? I set this up when I had the pleural rub, I wasn’t on crack was I? I mean 13.5 hours of only water and coffee. Now that’s alot of trips to the bathroom and It’s not like I am the friendliest person if I am super hungry… and since I have been doing the long workouts, my metabolism has kicked up a notch and I am hungrier more often as my body is trying to store the energy.

So, let’s say that I get out of there at 3:30pm, since getting in and out of the doctor’s office is so predictable. It would have been close to 19 hours since I last ate. I could then eat something right then, maybe even some bread for the carbohydrates as quick energy or just fill up on Clif Bloks for 1500 calories (my body would revolt at an intake of 1500 calories that fast… unless it was beer… it might like that). So then trying to run 20 miles at this point might not be a good idea, because I wouldn’t have eaten enough. But on the flipside, because I hadn’t eaten in so long, my body might be working on the stored fuel different (using fat).

Plus, I would have to do the 20 all at once. Which means that I would have to find a 20 mile route quickly and even I was able to start at say 5pm, it still would take me a long time to finish and the evening be taken up with running. At least when I run at lunch time, I can get 5 miles out of the way, 4 hour break and then tackle the 15 remaining miles.

If I can’t get a 20 miler in by Monday, it’s too late. It’d be too close to race day to have any real effect. I wonder if the decrease in eating and running a shorter distance would suffice as a training run. Let me get longwinded here. There’s two reasons why the 20 mile mark has any significant, actually, there is one… because someone made a big deal about 20 miles. So mentally, there is something about breaking the 20 mile marker that get you over a psychological obstacle. Especially for runners new to the long distances of marathons. Ask any new person training for a marathon and ask them what their toughest run was (or what they speculate to be the toughest) and they’ll probably say their first 20 mile run, or something over 20… whatever they are running.

It’s been over 18 months since I ran my last marathon. 20 days or so since I ran my longest run all year, Big South Fork. I would like to have a 20 miler under the belt, but the window is closing. But I know from past experience that a 20 miler isn’t the deal breaker. It’s the lack of long runs that simulate the fatigue that you experience in the later stages of a marathon. For most it’s after the magical 20 mile mark.

So now, I wonder if I could go get my physical, eat, let it sit, eat again and then go out for 16 miles and get the same effect of a longer run when I am fueled. Oh, I would be so hungry.

Any thoughts?

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