Have Shoes. Will Run.
Having a decent week of running, despite not getting the number of sessions that I would like. Quality, not Quantity. Monday was a hill workout. I have 3.5 mile out and back course that quite a doosy over the bridge to the Shady South Knoxville. I blistered through that in 28:16 for an (8:05 pace) which means that the first have was much faster (sub-8) since I had to suck some wind at the end. Wednesday was a meandering (i.e. new) course through the World’s Fair Park and to the Sketchy North Knoxville.

At one point I thought I saw a body in the trees by a bridge. I ran past the “mass” thinking, “Was that a body? Surely not. Maybe.” So running around I was able to come back to the same spot. I was thinking that I would have to call the police to have some dead person taken away. When I approached the “mass”, I slowed down to get a good look and then I saw it… a pile of carpet. Yeah, carpet=dead body. Oh well. On to run an 8:45 paced 3.82 miles.

Today (Thursday), the first session which felt like an easy run and seemed like an easy run. I have to call it a Tempo run. I don’t want to, because it didn’t feel like tempo, but I don’t think the numbers will lie. I will find out this afternoon if the lunch time pace was tempo or not. It would be a huge jump in my workout if that’s the truth. It would be a strong indicator that I would be able to run a sub 4 marathon, but I don’t want to get too excited, I might not be running a fall marathon this year… you have to sign-up for them to be registered and I am not registered. Plus I found out that Harpeth Hills Marathon is SOLD OUT, which isn’t wasn’t my marathon of choice, it was a nice combination of Chickamauga and Harpeth.

Fall of Sorts
Today’s drastic change in temperature can only mean that Fall has landed. Too bad we haven’t had any rain this year (12+ inches behind) so the color changing this year is not going to be all that great. Most of the leaves will just brown and fall off…

Update on the running
Okay, so Tempo was in order, my second run (albeit under a time constraint) was only 3.68 miles in 30:56 which is a 8:24 pace. Huh, that’s a 20 sec faster per mile than my 5 miler early in the day and the second run was very consistent pace wise. So, let me crunch some numbers… wouldn’t you know it, McMillian predicts a 4:01 marathon. So close.

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon