Resolution of Speculation

First of all, Grandmother is going to be fine. The nurse was being a little cautious about her swollen calf. But that has delayed Pa-Pa & J-lo trip from arriving on Friday, to arriving on Saturday. No worries though.

So, what did I do yesterday? I didn’t run.

There were a number of factors that played into my decision. Probably the biggest was spending time with the ole Fam. My appointment for my physical was at 1:30. I left work at 12:30, went to Sam’s Club to pick up some items, then headed to the doctor’s office. I arrived around 1:00 and was fully prepared to play a new game on my Palm T|X and read an eBook. I sign in, and start to finish a questionnaire when I hear “Planet3rry” called out. No, not really, but they were calling me back. A whole 30 minute before my actual appointment. DAMN, not eating really makes one delusional.

I was into my appointment 30 minutes BEFORE it was scheduled and I finish my exam 15 AFTER my regularly scheduled appointment. Must have been some retribution from waiting hours at the doctor’s office in the past.

So, with getting out early, I was able to get home early. I find out that My Lovely and Talented Wife isn’t going to her meeting at night. So, we decide to take the kids out to Babies R Us for a look-see at their Halloween costumes and check out the clearance section for clothes. By now it’s 4:30 and prime time for some grub, plus I am pretty hungry seeing that I was playing catch up on food. So, we went to Ryan’s.

Ryan’s is a Gluten Tempation Pit. Their rolls look so AWESOME! And their desserts. Yum! But it’s easier to eat at Ryan’s than at the other fast food restaurant. We even did pretty well with the Casein Free as well, except that the kids did have some chocolate and bets are that it was Milk Chocolate since they were generic M&M clones.

With the Kids hopped up on sugar, what better way to vent off some of that energy and let them play at a park. We played at the park for an hour and then went to tubtime. We put the kids down for the night and maybe even took a small nap ourselves until about 7:30ish.

Since My Lovely and Talented Wife will be gone Friday night (party at my house) we decided to watch a movie. But with the inability to pick a movie, she played a new game on my Palm and I watched some TV.

I was pretty anxious about not getting to run, but the more I got over myself not getting what I wanted, I realized that there were a number of signs out there that NOT running was the smarter choice. One, I got to spend time with my gal and kids, something I would not have been able if I had ran. Two, Like Susan said that I probably wouldn’t have enough steam to get the run if. True Dat, I would have been settling. Three, I was very achy… I think from Tuesday’s speedwork and and Wednesday’s Easy Tempo Run.

I’m sending this now, since I have a conference call in 3 minutes. But I do have a couple of posts in the ole’ Mental Queue Box (not mental written) with such topics as How Super Woman aka My Lovely and Talented Wife Saves My World, Just a little Road Rash and Money for Nothing from VMC.

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