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This Person is a Friend of a Friend and her son Forrest (born Sept 10th) needs some help. If you can pray, send positive energy, send positive vibes or some other positive action… I, personally, would be appreciative. As I write this post, there are specific requests for his healing (via the first URL link). Here’s a little bit about Forrest from Eric & Tyra:

Here’s a brief snippet of the story:
Robert Forrest Spence was born to Brittany and David at 5:06 PM, Monday September 10, 2007. He was 6 lbs 10 ozs and 20 1/2 inches. Because he was three weeks premature his lungs were not producing enough moisture for normal breathing. This is common in premature boys and was not cause for alarm. However, during the night it was discovered that Forrest had Strep B infection which is in fact very serious, particularly when coupled with the under developed lungs. He was transferred to Le Bonheur Childrens’ hospital in Memphis and into the ICU early on Tuesday morning, September 11. He is currently going through a process called ECMO, which is where the blood is channeled through a machine for cleansing and increased oxygen. He is also being given large amounts of antibiotics to treat the infection. This process will take several weeks before we can claim success.

The situation was extremely critical early Tuesday morning. His “trends” were going down and upon arrival at Le Bonheur would not respond to the heart and lung machine. He was stabilized manually, and with stabilization, was able to be put on the ECMO. Currently his “trends” are going up and his vital signs improving. Britt had a strep test days before delivery which was negative, and it is unknown how he contracted the virus. Click here to see what ECMO does and why it is needed.

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