Man Bag

I went to the local gun shop (I was so out of place) to where they were supposed to have Maxpedition bags. Now, Mike with a Bike had chastised me for doing something else besides getting shopping for a Man Bag. I’m sure that I was doing something else manly, like eating metal screws or breaking bars of soap in have. Maybe even manlier things like scratching my balls or farting on command. I do know that I did not ask for directions at anytime that I was not shopping for a Man Bag, so hopefully that helped in the Man Factor.

Enough Rambling…

So, I found IT, my Man Bag and all thanks to great Marketing. That’s me sucka for great marketing. See there’s this ad that tells you if you are looking for something, anything that you can find “it” on eBay. They Don’t Lie. Jesus said “Ask and you shall receive.” Less religious eBay said “Search and you shall find IT.” Now, I am not converting to the Church of eBay but I searched and I found it. Disclaimer, I did ask Jesus for it first, so I think it was divine intervention that led me to the search bar of eBay. There you go… Al Gore creates the Internet and then Jesus creates eBay. Amen.

Enough Rambling…

Here’s the one that I want it’s the Jumbo with the Digital Camouflage Pattern. I had been going back and forth between the Fatboy and Jumbo on which would be better, but reading the tech specs on the ebay page, it’s the Jumbo that I want. Basing it on the “almost” Man Bag that I have right now, the Fat Boy is just about the same size for the Main Compartment. The Jumbo is Bigger (and size matters! Right ladies?)

At least now I know where I can get one without any trouble. I have a few things that I could sell on eBay to purchase this bag. I missed the whole “It’s my Party, and I’ll buy a bag if I want to, buy a bag if I want to, buy a bag if I want to… you would buy too, if it happened to you” reasoning with my Birthday. But, you know what, “Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, please put a Jumbo in my old man’s hat, if you haven’t got a Jumbo, a Fatboy will do too and if you haven’t got a Fatboy, God Bless you!” [parody reference]

Enough Rambling…

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