Dumpster Diving III

OKay, this time it really wasn’t dumpster diving and it wasn’t even me. On Friday, My Lovely and Talented Wife told me that she had a surprise for me. “Cool,” I thought. Surprises are fun.

Some of the time, I can guess what the surprise is going to be. Some of the time, I process what’s been going on and can Sherlock Holmes stuff together. Other times, I pull something out of thin air. The latter method, is infrequent but still happens. I guess there is a third time where I pull something out of my butt… yeah, it usually stinks. But the ones out of my butt are for humorous purposes only.

So, I had to close my eyes and hold out my hands. And in our household, we love to mimic each other or our children. So as My Lovely and Talented Wife mimicked The Elder give a surprised, I mimicked him receiving a surprise.

My first guess, which was a semi-attempt at being Carnac the Magnificent! (Here’s a link for anyone not familiar with yesteryears U.S. pop culture) came up wrong. However, when the surprise first touched the first molecule of my epidermis, I knew what it was.

Score me some 40 My Coke Reward points!

Yuh-huh, that’s right. My Lovely, Talented and Thoughtful Wife, scored me the MyCokeReward points from the fridge packs of cans that they had at their Mom’s Group meeting on Friday. Sah-weet-tah. Now, I really hope that they restock the rewards for Basketball Season!

Oh, but wait. Last thing she said to me (to the effect of):
“Now, I expect to get something really good.”

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