A Whipp It, A Whipp It Alright

I say whip it.
Whip it good. x2

We have been on this 80s Kick lately. Not only has the 20 year Nostagelic Cycle in effect for the 80s in general but also My Lovely and Talented Wife has been listening to it on XM Radio.[ed. I realize that the Aura post was a post written in the head by not the hands] It’s almost like we talk to each other in 80s Lyrics or try to at any rate. So that’s a 80s song to segue into my report of the Reese’s Whipps that I talked about a couple of days ago.

The Whipp was not what I expected. I imagined this delicious candy bar filled a soft (but curiously named) nougat, flavored with all the peanut buttery goodness that the word “Reese” can manifest. However, what I got was a stick of nougat surrounded by a layer of peanut butter filling then covered in chocolate. It wasn’t bad, but I was a little let down probably from the unsubstantial hype my own imagination gave it. If you want a bar that is filled with peanut butter and covered in chocolate, you are better off with the Reese Fast Break. I do like those.

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