A few things

I had a few things run through my mind, that were not running related. Go figure.

Shakespeare Around Me
I’m having some weird Shakespearan vibes today. First, I was going to title a post about whether I want/should run the Chickamauga Marathon titled “To Run or Not to Run” and then take MacBeth’s “this a Dagger before me… the handle toward my hand…” soliloquy (psst. which is the To Be or Not To Be soliloquy) which, I guess I could still do.

Then I read MetroDad’s Blog about his 20 year High School Reunion. He went to a high-end private school with Poet Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, Rocket Scientists and Cheerleaders who lost their looks and got divorced 5 times (oh wait, that last one didn’t happen). He then finishes with a Shakespeare Joke, which I didn’t really get but knowing Shakespeare it was probably reference to either death, dying, pretending to die, being fatally wounded, murder or the occasional sexual escapade. The private school I went to didn’t have Poet Laureates, Pultizer prize winners, or Rocket Scientists. We did have cheerleaders though, maybe that’s why I didn’t quite “get it.”

Lastly, the weather today has been something out of a Shakespearean play. You could always by the weather that something crazy was going to happen. If you were a character and the weather started getting bad, you better watch out… something wicked was about to this way come. Here in Knoxville, it was rainy (though we got only 1/4 inch *sigh*) but the a breeze started to blow and then wind gust and it went from 60ish to close to 80! Wah?

So thank goodness it’s not the 15th, my name isn’t Julius and haven’t bought any “fake death” poison in a couple of weeks.

How about them (A)ApPLes
Earlier this year, My Lovely and Talented Wife and I went to a “Intro to Stocks Class” and decided that this would be a perfect way to make money. Come to find out, it’s great for someone with Aspergian Super Powers, you can be super analytical and you don’t have to interact with people, if you don’t want to. It’s all on your own and (for me) it’s constant and unrelenting learning. Fast Forward to late July/Early August, we funded a small account and I bought a couple of shares of stocks, just to make things “real”. It’s like running your first 5k race. So now, I have small positions and have even dabbled in the world of those “scary and dangerous” options (which I am almost break-even now). I am proud to tell you that I have had some big winners and big losers! So, now that I am out of the closet about my Wall Street Shenanigans, I’ll probably mention or lament about certain trades that I am thinking about, made be big bags of cash or that smacked me on the ass. I’m seeing it now: Terry Trades, Humor Ensues.

So right now it’s Earning Season. Companies are coming out telling the public how much they sucked this past quarter or how awesome they are and bow down before them. One of the “Look at me, I’m so great Companies” is Apple. Which I own a very very very very very very small position. They just had an awesome earnings announcement and now I feel like Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, “How About Them Apples”.

So we’ll see now, maybe I can get good enough to do this full time and quit my desk job. This way, if say, I dunno… My Lovely and Talented Wife wanted to visit Seattle, we could do that seeing that she works from home and I would be able to work via the internet. What could be better… hmmm, visiting Seattle on marathon weekend. Yeah, that would be better. I bet M~ would be out of the state though.

I guess I better put a disclaimer here: By no means am I suggesting any particular stock or company. My trading style is probably a lot different than yours and to be honest you’d get better advice from a monkey in a suit than me. Contact a bonafide Financial adviser who can better direct you on how to manage your risk.

another disclaimer: Both Topics had running references, so I misled you all at the beginning of my post. (Sorry, Aspergian Special Interest)

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