Wish Gywneth Happy Birthday

Please join me in wishing my fellow birthdate-bornian Gwyneth Paltrow a Happy Birthday!

Some other people of noteworthiness:

  • 1992 Skye Bartusiak (actress)
  • 1987 Hilary Duff (actress) (I highlighted her last year)
  • 1972 Gwenyth Paltrow (actress)
  • 1971 Planet3rry (runner)
  • 1967 Mira Sorvino (actress)
  • 1967 Moon Zappa (actress)
  • 1964 Janeane Garofalo (actress, comedian)
  • 1957 Alannah Currie (singer, percussionist)
  • 1952 Sylvia Kristel (actress)
  • 1934 Brigitte Bardot (Camille Javal) (actress)
  • 1930 Tommy Collins (Leonard Sipes) (singer, songwriter)
  • 1926 Jerry Clower (entertainer)
  • 1925 Arnold Stang (comedian, actor)
  • 1924 Marcello Mastroianni (actor)
  • 1923 William Windom (actor)
  • 1916 Peter Finch (Ingle-Finch) (actor)
  • 1915 Ethel Rosenberg (alleged spy)
  • 1909 Al Capp (Caplin) (cartoonist)
  • 1902 Ed Sullivan (TV host)
  • 1892 Elmer Rice (writer)
  • 1856 Kate Smith-Wiggin (writer)
  • 1841 Georges Clemenceau (French government leader)

Here’s a LINK to more people who came out of their mothers (or via stork, depending on your ideology) on today’s date. There’s also a What Happened on this Date (such as 1904 Woman arrested for smoking a cigarette in a car on 5th Avenue, New York City ) and those who died on this date (like: 1895 Louis Pasteur, French bacteriologist (Pasteurization), dies at 72)

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