Weekend Update

Coming off a crappy long run, Friday rolled in with some promise of a good day, but just like the stock market that fell 249 points on friday, so did a few other things.

Without going in the details, The Elder and Younger will no longer be gainful entertained at their preschool. So their schedule as well as Cris’, our Au Pair, is up in the air now. We’ll be looking for a new place, but we may get some assistance from the public school system for the Elder and his new Asperger diagnosis, which is on Tuesday. So that’s all at the cross road.

That night, we still had Date Night and what a better way to distress a little bit than with Buffalo wings, Potato Skins and Beer. Unfortunately the place that we went to was really smoky, but then again, it was a Sports Bar. So, after the movie we went over to the $2 movie place to watch Evan Almighty. It’s about a guy who God picks out to build a real ark for a proverbial/non proverbial flood. It’s pretty good and I am plagiarizing from My Lovely and Talented Wife with a You Tube Clip from the movie. In the Scene, God, aka Al Mighty (Morgan Freeman) is talking with Evan’s Wife about her current situation.

We went to a workshop about Autism and Austistic Spectrum Disorders so that we can fully prepare ourselves with the legal and therapeutic resources we need to wield battle in the upcoming years. It was informative and we met a guy who was from Brazil, the native country of our Au Pair. He is from the same city, Sao Paulo, which is only around 15 MILLION people… he didn’t know her family. Go figure.

One of the therapies that we may get some funding assistance is music therapy. It’s very cool, because it teaches like 10 different things in 2 minutes. Unbelievable. Plus The Elder, LUUUVES music… it’s his best subject. So, I think this would be very beneficial for him. So we are going to to petition for him to get some music therapy.

We laid low. Not alot happened. Not sure if the kids left the house at all.

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