Tunning Rerry

Nothing like a literary phenomenon to take a very boring title and make it… cool! Rightttttttttt.

Anyway, with the lack of a formal ramble about how my running has been since my 15 mile day last Thursday, let me start.

Routine. I have a workout routine that I follow. When I am officially training for something, that training schedule goes from pudding to jello. Sure, it’s not rock solid but it has form, a little jiggly and great with vodka. Wait, I digress. When it comes to working out, the regiment is Speed on Mondays, Swim on Tuesday, Easy on Wednesday, Long Run on Thursday, Swim on Friday and Rest on Saturday and Sunday. Well, with Labor Day, my schedule is [roll down window] throw out schedule. But being cool and collective, I don’t let things like missing a run get into my brain and make me do crazy stuff (see Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan)

Monday, being Labor Day, was one of these wrinkles in time. I did not run that day, so when Tuesday rolled around, it was a mash-up of workouts. Instead of swimming, I chose to do a Tempo run. It’s speedwork but without the grueling pace and without meandering through the city either. Also, I was expereience some severe calf fatigue in both legs over the holiday. Since Saturday my calves felt very very tired. It was reminence of when I gave blood and then ran 13 miles later that day. I tried to take some tylenol and increase my fluid intake, but to no avail, nothing worked.

Well, until I ran. It seemed that whatever was in my calves, perhaps left over from my Thursday long run, was flushed out of my system Tuesday and they have yet to hurt since. Very strange.

So the run was a 7:49, 7:38, 9:05 and 7:53! Lots of Sevens for that 4 miler and the most self-rewarding pace is the last 7:53 pace which is the mile that goes up the Lake Loudon Hill. Upcoming on Thursday is a crucial Long Run which will set the stage for my trail run at the end of the month. I some how have to fit in 17-18 miles into that day.

I do have a few trees to cut down, so that I can see the forest…

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon