Odd turn of events

I wanted to talk about this Twilight Zone event before I forgot about it.

Wednesdays are Grocery Night. It’s also Cherub Choir practice for The Elder. The Younger gets the shaft because there’s nothing for him to do because of his age. So, he has to be carted around like a baby marsupial during errands. Last week, I took him to Earthfare to pick up a couple Gluten Free items and I noticed that this Peanut Butter we like was on close-out! It’s called White Chocolate Wonderful. If Elvis was alive he would eat White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter and Naner Sandwiches.

It was a NATIONAL OUTRAGE, that they were discontinuing this from their shelves. I would rather EAT SCHARDS OF GLASS or POKE SHARP STICKS IN MY EYE than eat “regular” peanut butter. Seriously. The White Chocolate flavor (you either love white chocolate or you hate it) is very subtle (so haters would probably like it), so the peanut butter flavor is enhance. I can best describe it with the word, uh, wonderful.

So The Younger and I meet up with My Lovely and Talented Wife and The Elder at Kroger later in the evening. I now have to break the bad news that there will be no more Wonderful. At best, we could make our own version at home, White Chocolate Likable.

“Honey, I have bad news.”


“At Earthfare,” scrunching my face to help soften the blow, “White Chocolate Wonderful is on close-out.”

“AHHhh,” She gasps, “Did you get all they had?”

“I bought 2 jars and they still had some left,” I said as I turn down the aisle, looking back at her and seeing the defeated look on her face.

“You’ll go back and get more right?”

“Of course, I’ll go back and buy them all!” And as I turned the corner, I realized that I was on the Peanut Butter Aisle and the first thing I saw was a jar of White Chocolate Wonderful staring me in the face. No Freakin’ Way!

“No [internal self edit] Way, here’s some right here! AND it’s the same price here as it is on close-out at Earthfare!!!”

And there was much rejoicing on the Peanut Butter aisle in Kroger.

The Lord Taketh Away and The Lord Giveth Back…

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