Look Me In the Eye by John Elder Robison

From my It fits on the Palm in my Hand post, Marianna commented:

I can’t remember if one of your readers recommended it here, but there’s a new book out that got 4 stars from People magazine. It’s called Inside Asperger’s: One Man’s Tale Look Me In the Eye by John Elder Robison.

I actually have this book on preorder with Borders! My Lovely and Talented Wife had sent the link to his website sometime ago and I poked around. When I saw that he had a forecoming book, I was very excited!

I am very excited to read a first hand account of what it was like to grow up with Asperger’s. I am very curious to see how closely my childhood was to his. Now, I don’t have an “official” diagnosis of Asperger’s but given the clues, we have (in our non-Holiday Inn Express expert opinion) concluded that I do have Asperger’s and that I am pretty high functioning, probably due to learning how to adapt over the last 35, ehhh, almost 36 years.

Here is a link to John Elder Robison’s Blog Look Me In The Eye. It’s pretty fascinating, especially when you consider that right now he is prepping for his multi-state book tour. Taken from one of his blog entries, here is a short schedule of where he will be promoting his book:

  • September 25 Barnes & Noble New York, NY 7:00 PM
  • September 26 RJ Julia Madison, CT 7:00 PM
  • September 27 Brookline Booksmith Boston, MA 7:00 PM
  • September 28 Attending the Asperger Association of New England event, Boston
  • Watch for me on Weekend Today
  • October 2 Borders East Madison Store Madison, WI 7:00 PM
  • Listen for me with Diane Rehm on National Public Radio
  • October 3 Harry Schwartz Booksellers Shorewood, WI 7:00 PM
  • October 11 Food for Thought Books Amherst, MA 7:00 PM
  • October 16 Buttonwood Books Cohasset, MA 10:00 AM *reservations required
  • October 18 Elms College Chicopee, MA 4-9 PM *reservations required
  • October 25 Northshire Bookstore Manchester Center 7PM
  • November 2 UMASS Lowell Lowell, MA 7:00 PM
  • November 15 Tattered Cover Denver, CO 7:30 PM
  • December 5 Amherst Books Amherst, MA 8:00 PM

So if you can get out and see him, that would be great. So far, East Tennessee is not on his touring schedule.

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