It fits on the Palm in my Hand

The 3Rs: Research, Reading, and Receiving

So I mentioned yesterday that I was going to talk about the 3Rs. It goes back to my I Can’t Remember post from Friday when I talked about a variety of subjects, one of which was PDAs. I had research the different PDAs in the morning, mainly Palm device since My Lovely and Talented Wife could share Palm Apps and we could *uh* beam each other information. So After researching and then reading up on the different types, I typed up the post.

Unbeknownst to me, My Lovely and Talented Wife had been shopping with her parents and had looked at a few Palms, but since she didn’t know what I would like or need, she hesitated from making a purchase. That was, until she came home. After firing up her Feed Reader, she saw my post about the Palm T|X and made a decision to go out and get it, right there and then!

So as I was coming home, she was out getting my Palm. Actually, I beat her home. She did get our neighbor to try to stall me, but that didn’t work too well. I had only been home about 10 minutes when she pulled into the garage. So as the Friday evening commenced, I surprised her with flowers and she surprised me with a techno-gadget!

The 3 minute nap
Saturday, I had to take a letter to the post office because it had to be postmarked bt that day, so I took the kids. We hopped into the van and I took off with Thomas the Tank Engine playing in the DVD and we listening to the Tennessee/Florida game. I noticed that The Younger was not really watching the video, but staring off into space. With less than a mile to go, I started to see the Eyelids of Lead (no, you can’t purchase those from Mattel) starting to fall. I tried to call out to him to keep him awake.

He must have slept for about 3 minutes before we got to the post office and had to go inside to use the self-service R2-D2 unit. Surprisingly enough, the 3 minute kitten nap was enough for him. He was in a decent mood for the rest of the evening (good thing he didn’t watch that Tenn/Fla game). He definitely caught up on his sleep the next day as his nap bettered 3 and 1/2 hours!

Naps. They are so not over-rated!

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