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I had a great title for today’s post, but it’s gone. I don’t know where it went. Ugh.

Despite not so great runs earlier in the week, Thursday proved to be a little better. It was a 13.4 mile 2-fer. with the In-Laws coming to town, I had to rearrange my schedule or so I thought. I originally had abandoned a Mountain Trail run with Soon-To-Be-Doctor David, so that I could spend some time with the in-laws. But My Lovely and Talented Wife assured me that I didn’t have to seriously changed my schedule, but try to get home from Terry Day a little earlier (i.e. before 9pm).

So, I changed my schedule late and worked out a schedule that would get me home around 7:30-7:45pm. However, there was still lunchtime to deal with. I ran my Back to the Tracks 5 mile route in 44:35 (a 8:55 pace) which is great pace, but still a little fast. Really, it’s about 45 seconds off the long run pace that I prescribed for myself. I worried a little that the faster pace would come back to haunt me later in the day.

I wanted to work in going to Guns & More here in Knoxville, because they are suppose to carry the MAXPEDITION Bags, that I am currently courting as my next man purse Go-Bag. This meant that I would be able to do 4 loops of the 2.1 mile greenway around Lakeshore. This is one of my favorite places to run, not because of it’s beauty (it’s lacking in that department) but because of its functionality. The parking lot is at the top of a hill, so to start with there is a long, steep downhill. Then for almost 1 mile, it’s really flat as it runs along the river. Then there are a few short steep hills, followed by a long gradual downhill. Getting back to the parking lot is a long gradual uphill. So, in 2.1 miles you’ve had a work out!

My plan was to run a loop, stop for water then continue on. After the second loop, I would eat a power gel in addition to the water. I had wanted to bring my MP3 player along, but I was caught with a lack of battery power and no recharged AAA in my battery bag (yes, I have a small bag for cables and batteries). I finished the first loop in 19:12, the second in 18:52. I felt worse during the third loop but still finished in 19:38. I actually felt better on my 4th loop despite the slower time of 19:57.

My total time was a 1:17:39 for a 9:15 average pace. If I had to do some estimating of marathon times at this point, I would imagine that I would be around 4:16 at this point. My total run yesterday was 2:02:14, double that and add 10% of the half time, puts me in at 4:16 and change.

Estimating what my Big South Fork 17.5 mile is a little trickier. I think I would be right around the 3 hour mark (2:51 is my PR for the course). Of course, weather would play a huge factor in pacing, rainy conditions will really slow a middle of the packer like myself.

I didn’t get a chance to get to the Guns & More to scope out the bags. Maybe next time.

Google Calendar

Are all to do lists/organizer software that I use or have used to try to stay organize. Jen found out about this new (to us) program called Life Balance which does some pretty darn cool stuff with organizing and prioritizing. She has a Treo 700p with Sprint, so she put the trial version on her Palm and loves it. Absolutely loves it. I myself had been eying a PDA and would really loves to get a Windows OS or Linux OS handheld, but it makes sense for me to get a Palm OS handheld because we could share apps. Of course, the most expensive version is the one that I think would be the most useful for me. It’s the Palm T|X and the biggest thing it has going for it is the built-in wifi but it retails for $300 and I can find for as cheap as $230.

The other thing with Life Balance is that it’s not free. Of course, this would encourage me to use it more…

I just checked and I actually WON my first Fantasy NFL game! Yeah-HAW!

It’s Florida week here in East Tennessee and beside some recipes for cooking up some ‘gator, there is alot of speculation on this week’s game. First, since South Carolina put a big ole “1” in the Win column over division rival Georgia, it makes the East division (in the South Eastern Conference) all that more muttled. Where as it used to be UT/Florida for the East, then UT/Florida/Georgia and now maybe UT/Florida/Georgia/South Carolina, these games hold alot more weight. Florida comes into the game 2-0 after playing two power puff teams full of kittens. UT comes to the field 1-1 with a loss from a Top ranked team and another team that took 2 quarters to figure out. So where as Florida has some winning confidence, UT has been tempered more. UT’s defense, which was about as effective as cheesecloth in the Cal game may have fixed some holes, where as the Florida defense hasn’t seen the caliber of the faster SEC offenses. So, the game should be pretty exciting for both teams.

Virginia is playing North Carolina. This should be an interesting game. Some one is going to have to step up. Both teams beat someone that they should have but lost to someone that they could have beat (at least on paper).

Furman plays #20 I-A Clemson at Clemson. Could Furman be another I-AA Southern Conference team to take down a ranked team, their conference rivals Appalachian State where the ones give Michigan a one-two body blow to the gut before Oregon came along last weekend to kick them in the crotch?

Speaking of Michigan, Michigan and Notre Dame will play in the “Who sucks less this season” Bowl. One of these legendary teams is going to start out 0-3. Either Ann Arbor or South Bend is going to see a peak in prescriptions for anti-depressants and anxiety drugs, the other one is going to be where that big sound of a sigh of nervous release comes from…

Everybody have a good weekend. My Photohunter’s picture will arrive promptly at 12:00am EST Saturday Morning. Give or take a few minutes for server time discrepancies. Have a great weekend!

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