Dumpster Diving in the Hotel Hallway

Last weekend we were in Louisville Kentucky for a weekend with Dalene White. Dalene White is an integral part of the MK History. In 1963, when the business concept for MK Cosmetics was forming from an idea to reality, Dalene was right there. In fact, she could have invested $5,000 and have 1/3 ownership in MK Cosmetics. However, her husband (because women back then could not get bank loans) would not sign for a loan of that amount. She is no longer with that gentlemen (duh!), but had to give up being co-owner of a now, 2 Billion dollar private (no stockholder control) company. But Dalene is a multi-millionaire, so there is no worries there. In fact, her retirement is over $3 million bucks over 15 years… [ed. My Lovely and Talented Wife corrected me on Dalene’s retirement] Dalene’s retirement is almost $500,000 a year for 15 years and she has served 11 of her emeritus years, so the math actually adds up to almost $7,500,000 as her complete package.

So we were at the Galt House, in Louisville KY where the Dalene White was being held. It’s a really nice, river front hotel. It’s pretty big too.

So Saturday morning we came out of our room and I notice that one of the room across the hall had some garbage piled up. I took a second look at there was some soda boxes, Coca-Cola brands. You know what that means, My Coke Reward Points! Sure enough, the codes on the box were intact. In a ninja-esque move, I went down and ripped out two code panels from the garbage piles!

SO I scored me 20 points! And am now over the 2500 point mark.

However, all the good stuff is gone now. I am anticipating that when Basketball season starts up (late Oct/Early Nov) that they will put some more stuff on line. So thanks to all of you who are sending me Reward Points, I appreciate it!

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