Day O’Labor

Hi there… Still here, hanging on the side of the earth. Actually not really, It’s just that my blog gets a little neglected over the weekend and with the holiday… even more so.

Our weekend was good. We went to the big pool at Court South for it’s final weekend for the season. The kids had a blast. Both the Elder and Younger love the pool water and this pool has a gradual slope, just like a real beach. Which is no surprise why they call it “The Beach” area. The Elder’s Best Friend came to play in the pool as well, which was awesome as well. However, after 3 hours in the sun even with sunscreen, their filipino skin really darkened. Now, I am a white boy but do tan well after the initial burn, so they are dark! The Elder more than the Younger.

Saturday was the start of the football season. And the Volunteers lost. Cal got their “revenge” from last year, but really, they were ranked higher than we were, so… they were fore casted to win. I dunno. Our defense was a little more porous than usual and we just seemed tired at the end. But now, at least we didn’t lose to a I-AA team like The University of Michigan did over the weekend. Yeah, great records: Biggest Stadium and first ranked I-A team to lose to a I-AA. I’m not sure who is happier, Appalachian State or Ohio State Buckeye Fans. But those playing Michigan beware! They now have something to prove, so dinky I-A schools, don’t be shocked when Michigan runs up the score to 175 – 0. They have BCS points to earn back!

Knoxville has a big celebration on Labor Day called BOOMSDAY. And the claim to fame is that they have the largest Labor Day Weekend Fireworks display in the U.S., Uhhhh, Labor Day is known for it’s fireworks right? *crickets chirping* but anyway, they put on a 25-30 minute show played to music, of course, some of it is the same music with the same fireworks, but man oh man, it’s still pretty cool. We loaded the kids in their Pajammy Jams for the 9:30pm start and drove to the horse farm (too bad we were downwind) where we could see the fireworks in the air.

Terry, fireworks in the air? Aren’t all fireworks in the air? Well, my friends, BOOMSDAY is known for it’s two non-altitude fireworks display. One is fireworks coming out (or at least “seeming”) of the river and set to the music of JAWS. Second, the Gay Street Bridge has a cascading waterfall of the “sparklies” off the bridge. Those we didn’t see. But we did see the Squares shaped fireworks set to the Spongebob Squarepants theme song. Stars shaped fireworks set to Madonna’s “Shooting Star”. Heart shaped fireworks set to Amy Grant’s “Every Heartbeart”. Smiley Face (and they do look like smiley faces) set to (usually Don’t Worry Be Happy) but I don’t remember. I tried to take a few pictures with Stella, but the kids were more interested in the Camera than the fireworks *sigh* Right Interest, Wrong Time.

Monday, Day free of Labor, I am drawing a blank at what we did. I know that we went out of the house for something… Oh, we went to a couple of books stores to get some books, then tried to eat Gluten Free at Chick-Fil-A, which is possible, just not easy. THe Elder and Younger made friends with a kid that was visiting with his parents from Mura-ville (Maryville). They seemed pretty cool as well.

Later than Night, Jen’s friends from Florida were traveling through, so I cook some Steaks, Rice and Glazed Carrots for dinner. They reciprocated with a trip to the grocery store and some ice cream (they won) but it was nice to visit with them as they are darn cool people.

I do have a running and marathon training update but I need to pack things up here at work. I tried to play catchup all day today and still not there yet.

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