Big South Fork 17.5 mi Trail Run Preview


That means that my running schedule is upside down and it also means that this post is going to be about the Big South Fork Race, My History with the race, and the Guess My Time Contest!

Big South Fork is a National River and Recreation Area (a little different than an official park, but still under the National Park Service umbrella). Big South Fork is located on the Cumberland Plateau right on the borders of Tennessee and Kentucky. It’s 125,000 acres (505 square km) in size and home to the Big South Fork National River.

In late September/early October, The Knoxville Track Club hosts an event in BSFNRRA called the Big South Fork 17.5 mile Trail Run.

This will be my 5th running of the Big South Fork 17.5 mile Trail run, and the first time since 2004. Back in 1999, when I was training for my very first marathon, I saw that this race would fit into my schedule nicely. Although I had little to no trail running experience, the idea of camping out for a weekend of fun and running would be awesome. We didn’t expect the monsoon of 1999! It rained the entire time. From midnight Friday night until the time that we decided to call it a weekend in the early Saturday afternoon, it t rained and didn’t let up. In 2000, it did rain quite a bit but it did stop enough periodically. Our trip in 2001, was a gorgeous trip. We coordinated with some friends from work and spent a great 3-day (rain free) weekend. Listening to the UT football game and cooking out over the fire. I went back in 2004 as a day trip (about a 2-hour drive from Knoxville) and although it was wet, it wasn’t a monsoon!

Here is my Race Report:
2004: Nature 6 Terry 2

My Race History:
Big South Fork Trail Run Oct-9-1999 3:00:15
Big South Fork Trail Run Oct-14-2000 2:51:25
Big South Fork Trail Run Oct-6-2001 3:04:40
Big South Fork Trail Run Oct-2-2004 3:10:29

Guess My Race Time:
I don’t have a cool prize other than a “Congratulations” but if you would like to try to guess it, leave me a comment or use the “Contact Me” link at the top of the website and leave a message. I should be able to post something in the evening on an official time.

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