A Harry Potter Distraction

For a couple of day’s I have been thinking about Saturday Night Live’s Lazy Sunday skit and today I decided to check it out on You Tube. You know, to get it out of my system. Well, in the side bar there were a few things that caught my eye, specifically Harry Potter videos and here are a few:

This video is the closest to SNL’s Lazy Sunday as they use alot of the same words and phrases. Watcher beware, they do use the word Mo-Fo a bit in the video. [Explicit Lyrics]

This video is set to the music of Baby’s Got Back by Sir Mix a Lot. The footage is all from Prisoner of Azkaban movie and is clean.

This video is not kid friendly. It is an original gangsta rap with dudes in Hogwarts uniforms. There are plenty of subtle and non-subtle sexual overtones in this video. Some of the rap lyrics have tongue twisting alliterations, which the rappers pull off pretty well. “He’s the sum bitch that makes moaning mona moan.”
It’s the most professionally produced video and seems to have had some decent thought to the writing. [Explicit Lyrics]

And finally, the SNL skit with Lindsay Lohan when she wasn’t in as much trouble. The scene here is that Summer is now over and are meeting to practice some magic. Hermione (Lohan) went through a little growth spurt during the summer and the boys are a little distracted.

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