Weekend Update

This post has to be fast and furious (albeit no Vin Diesel)…

Saturday… we went to the Dragon Boat Races here in Knoxville. It was, uh, interesting. Perhaps if we were part of one of the teams, we would have been more inclined to watch the boats with dragon racing in the Tennessee River. While the races were taking place… I was taking 75+ pictures of my kids running underneath the waterfall at Volunteer Landing. Pictures to be loaded in a future post and on Flikr… stay tuned. All I have to say is that Stella needs 1) A Lens Hood and 2) A better lens.

Sunday… fairly quiet day at the house. The Elder road a bike (with training wheels) for the first time. Our church had a Children’s Sale and we scored a $5 bike. I won’t be applying for Photographer of the Year Award since I didn’t have my camera with me during this event. I’ll wait until we take the training wheels off and there is real imminent danger.

If you like bags, then this is for you… all other proceed to Sore Throat text.
Bags. Thanks to the Super Bike Stud (yes, he is available for dates) Michael who left me with a website with Real Men Bags,

whoops… ran out of time… stay tuned for another post later.

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