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It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle.~Richard M. DeVos~

That Quote came to my email from Pam of Pam & Bill fame who used to be a regular blogger round these parts.

This is my Fall Training Blog Entry. As Martin Luther nailed his papers to the church doors, I post this here. Hopefully with less revolution, but I am still putting out what my plans are for the next oh, 3 months so that you can follow me during my ups and downs during my training.

So let’s get to the goal: My Other Running Buddy Darrell joined a running club out there that I want to at least qualify for and that’s the Marathon Maniacs. Based on the criteria, I would be shooting for the Bronze Level and do 2 marathons in 2 weeks. It’s no secret which marathons that I have been contemplating, they are Chickamauga Marathon (11.10) and Harpeth Hills Marathon (11.18). I thinking officially that Chickamauga will be crowned the “official” goal race as it is a little gentler for that 3:59 time that I am shooting for, a 9 minute PR time of my current PR time of 4:09 set in 2001.

So how am I going to do this?
Starting a couple of weeks earlier, I started training with the intent that those would be the goal races. In addition, there are other races that I want to do and will do lead up to the big weekends. Other Races: Scholar’s Run 5k (8.18), Big South Fork 17.5 Mile Trail Run (9.29) and Phedippidations WorldWide Half Marathon (10.13)

Each one of the races has a unique twist to it. Scholar’s Run 5k, is the only remaining race that I have done consecutively since I started running back in 1998. Big South Fork is a great and difficult trail run that will be 8 weeks out from Chickamauga and be an excellent training run. Phedippidations World Wide Half is the race that I am a part of the Crack Squad of Race Directors and will be a time trial for my marathons.

So here is a Skeleton Week:
Monday – Speedwork: I’ll have a number of different runs to choose from
Tuesday – Bricks: We’ll see if they last as I increase my Mileage, but 411m swim and 2.o miles
Wednesday – Easy: Easy, no Stress Run of 4-5 miles at lunchtime
Thursday – Long Run: I’ll have different routes scheduled for the different mileage
Friday – Crosstrain: Swim
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Rest

Training Paces (minutes)
Goal Pace (8:36 pace for a 3:45 marathon)
Easy Runs 9:00-9:20
Long Runs 9:30-9:45
Tempo (incl. Bricks) 7:50 8:10
Recovery 10:10 10:20

If you are curious about what I am doing on what specific date, here is a PDF of my training program. I have tailored it to my specific work week and obligations.

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