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Race week is always exciting for me, even if it is not a marathon week… I still get pumped up. Both Monday and Today, I have been very proactive in all aspects of my life… well, I think that I have been. You might have to ask others around me if that is the case.

With a temperature of 83F and humidity of 40%, I took advantage of the cooler and more comfortable weather to engage in some speedwork at the track. Man, which reminds me that I have to send a track workout… so much for that whole “proactive” concept. Anyway, with my impending 5k this week, I wanted to do some longer but still faster distances. Enter: 1000 meter intervals. My plan: 600 meter warm up, 1000 intervals with 400 meter recovery laps. It didn’t quite go as planned, but I was pretty happy with the results. Given that I had just ran 5.6 miles the day before with an extra amount of cargo, my legs still felt pretty fresh during the run. I didn’t have enough juice in me for the 3rd 1000 interval, but I did crank out a 6:52 pace for the 600 meters (probably why I couldn’t make that last lap). I ended up with 2.5 miles for the day with 1.9 of it speed work.

In preparation for the new semester at UT, the Aquatic Center will be closed on Thursday, which isn’t a big deal as I typically take Thursday and Friday off before a Saturday race as a mini taper. But an email crossed the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon Race Director’s Email about some training questions. Race Director and a more qualified running guru than myself, John Ellis, answered her before I could. John’s going to cover his response in The Extra Mile podcast, so I won’t go into detail here, but after a quick email conversation, he suggests that I run easy the day before the 5k. That man knows what he is talking about! While the mini-taper promotes healing and recovery before a race, the easy run is like a primer for the engine… a pre-warmup if you will. So Friday, I am going to run an easy 4 in preparation for the race. But what does this have to do with Tuesday’s workout? Eh, here it is.

Since I was going to run easy on Friday, I wanted to do my last “hard” workout today and then take Wednesday and Thursday (since I had to anyway) off. Tuesdays are the “brick” (two disciplines) workout days and with not much fanfare, that is what I did. I swam 411 meters then hopped out of the pool and ran 1.56 miles around a part of campus. Although it was a little warmer and higher humidity than Monday, it still felt pretty nice outside. I wish that I had timed my last 0.3 of a mile or so, because I was running strong at that point and was since the route that I was running is the last 0.3 of the Trideltathon (held in April), I used some visioning techniques to imagine finishing the Scholar’s Run.

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