Let’s Go Runners… Let’s Go Runners…

Before the NHL tried to commit suicide by canceling the season and then moving to the Versus TV network, I was a enthusiastic hockey fan. I had become interested in following hockey as my suite mate my Junior year in undergraduate studies was a huge Washington Capital fan and would have hockey on, all the time, during hockey season.

So, in 1994, I decided that instead of being a general fan of the NHL and NFL, I would chose a team and stick with it. So, at the start of the NHL play offs and off the excitement of watching the NCAA Hockey finals, I picked 4 teams to follow. These were my “candidates” for my favorite team. I had no friends or family to sway me to cheer for or root against any particular team. Since in 1994, I was in Charlottesville, VA for grad school, the Washington Capitals were the geographically closest team but I was really looking for “that team.”

I don’t remember the other teams in the pool, but the New York Rangers were and they were playing well during the playoffs. I watched all the games that I could. Even on spring break, while out on the dance floor, I was watching the playoff game on one of the club’s TV screens. The Rangers proceeded to Lord Stanley’s Cup finals and the final game that would decide it all, I had to work an overnight shift at Wal-mart. I had my roommate video tape the game so that I could, without knowing the result, could watch with all the nervousness and excitement.

During the 3rd period, with the Rangers in the lead near the closing minutes, my roommate leaves for work and mentions, “I think this is where it goes to overtime.” OVERTIME? Really? HOW EXCITING! So as the final minutes ticked down, I was getting more and more antsy. The Rangers were in control, what would happen that would send it to overtime… it must be spectacular.

My roommate played me for a chump. The Rangers won the Stanley Cup that year and plastered over ESPN was the sign “AFTER 54 YEARS, I CAN NOW DIE IN PEACE”. I was excited… MY team had won the Stanley Cup!

Glenn Anderson, Jeff Beukeboom, Greg Gilbert, Adam Graves, Glenn Healy, Alexander Karpovtsev, Joey Kocur, Alexei Kovalev, Nick Kypreos, Steve Larmer, Brian Leetch, Doug Lidster, Kevin Lowe, Craig MacTavish, Stephane Matteau, Mark Messier, Sergei Nemchinov, Brian Noonan, Ed Olczyk, Mike Richter, Esa Tikkanen, Jay Wells, Sergei Zubov.

But now, one of the retired Rangers is making a presence on the Running Scene…

Enter: Mike Richter: Stanley Cup Winner, Silver Olympic medalist, Current College Student, and soon to be marathoner*

Read about it here: Hockey legend Mike Richter sets goal to complete the ING New York City Marathon and ‘Run for Something Better’ from The Final Sprint

*I found Micheal Richter (pleural) in MarathonGuide.com’s finisher search, so I am not 100% that he hasn’t already finished a marathon, since it does reference him as an “endurance” athlete. He very well could have finished an Ironman. I’m not on a “Call me at home” relationship with Mike, so I don’t know.

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