Jott Makes Me Laugh is a audio note taking service. For free, you can call a number from your phone (and I think that you can from any phone but have to answer a few login questions) and you can “Jott” a note. You can also Jott other users in the network when you set them up in your contacts list.

This is an excellent “I need to remember” service and you can also “Mobile Blog” to some extent with this service. You only get 30 seconds…

When you Jott you have the option for the audio to be transcribed for you and you receive an email with the transcription and a link to the audio file. Sometimes… the transcription has a hard time with your speech.

For example, today while walking to the aquatic center, I Jotted myself something for me… seeing that I only remember to do stuff when I don’t have pen and paper handy, Jott is on my speed dial.

I laughed out lout when I read the email:

Jott To Self
Plastic bags dick in the drawer at work.
Listen to Audio
Set reminders, assign, and manage this jott on Jott.comBrought to you by Jott Networks, Inc.

And when you listen to the audio, it does sound like I said what it said that I said (got that?)

Anyway, this is one time that I did not have a one track mind and what I said was:

Plastic Bags, Stick in drawer at work.

I wanted to bring some plastic bags from home to work and put them in my desk drawer… *sigh*

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