Gaining Ground

My Desks, both my physical desk and my day planner, are becoming slightly uncluttered and there is some ray of cleanliness emerging. I know that some of you now have to go decontaminate yourself because I mentioned the word “clutter”, others are looking around you saying, “Yup!”

So there are a few happenings going on and I am going to break them up in bite sized posts for you, so that you won’t have to read a book and then comment (if you so chose) on 100 ideas, 98 of them which you will forget anyway.

So, let’s go for the Little Things:

Coke Reward Points – More Bang for your Buck
A Fridge Pack (12 cans) comes with 10 reward points. So, I won’t buy 12pks unless they are $3.50 or less. I prefer to pay $3.33 or less, but sometimes I get desperate and what is ironic is that I will lay down $1.29 + tax for a cold 20oz bottle (3 pts) and not even think about it… I need to drink water ($1.49 + tax for a liter). Anyway, for a Fridge pack, that’s about 35 cents a point. Okay. Well, our Food City has a special where you can get a 24 pack for $4.99! So that’s Too-Fiddy for a 12pk and you get 50 MyCokeReward points! Yow-sah! That’s a no brainer… that’s only 10 cents a point AND a deal on juice. Score!

Something in the Weather
My sore throat is gone… I have a little congestion, but that might be from the weather moving toward fall… and living in East Tennessee… there is only 1 thing and 1 thing only that could be the cause. Football. That’s right it’s Football Time in Tennessee. Saturday the Big Orange Warriors aka University of Tennessee Volunteers will begin it’s football campaign in… California. Yup, the Vols are going back to Cali, cali, cali to take on the Golden Bears of UC Berkeley. That’s right, the same Tree Huggin’ Technological Brain Farm of “Berkeley” does have a football program and a good one I might add.

Now, if you are interested in Football, the American style football where the ball looks like it was pooped (same color and everything) from an Elephant not “The Beautiful Game” and specifically, University of Tennessee Football then you have to check out Fulmer’s Belly. It’s a fabulous great website that is obsessed dedicated to Volunteer Football. It’s a risky business to talk about Football in East Tennessee, Football is second only to Jesus and Church Services in popularity in these thar parts and some times I wonder if it’s not First. I do know that Peyton Manning is the official Saint of East Tennessee.

The website talks about UT Football and makes stuff up covers other features and teams of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) (which should not to be confused with the Financial SEC). The writing is very witty and informative and I love the way they use the strikethrough to enhance enhance the humor factor.

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon