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Fantasy Sports are extremely popular. You get to be a virtual manager in hypothetical teams… you select players to your team and those player’s performances determine how your team does for that week. You can trade players, bench them, pick new ones up, etc. For a number of years I have been playing with fellow alumni fraternity brother’s Yahoo! Fantasy Sports with little success. I find that some weeks I am heavily involved and other weeks, I barely remember to bench my players that have a bye that week.

So this year’s NFL Fantasy Team is called Iedereen Sterft, which is Dutch for Everybody Dies. Yes, I have to have some fancy, off the wall name. But that’s the way my brain is wired, I have to have the unusual, intelligent, and occasionally witty references.

Did you know that the World Championships are this week in Osaka Japan? World what? Championship huh? Osaka… bless you. Prelude to the Olympic Games in Beijing next year, the World Championship of Track and Field will start on August 25th and according to the schedule the opening event the Men’s Marathon. So why did I start this post with Fantasy Football… well, you can sign up for Fantasy Track & Field… No S&^%*!

Thanks to the Track and Field Guru Matt from The Dump Runner’s Club podcast, in one of his episodes, he talked about the IAAF (the World Track and Field Big Boys) having a Fantasy League. So, on Friday, I picked my teams. Oh man, am I so screwed… I won’t be a Lasse Viren and fall down and still win the race.

You chose 3 teams: Men’s, Womens and Relay. But there is a catch… you get one pick per country for the male/female picks.

It’s hard enough that I know some of the American names and few of the marathoner names, but what happens when you want to pick Allyson Felix AND Alan Webb… nothing, because you can’t. *Sigh*. So what do you do? You either get your Geek On and research all the athletes… make an Excel spreadsheet and rate the athletes yourself or you get in touch with your feminine side and pick athlete based on how prettiness of their country’s flag.

I did the latter.

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