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[ed. I FINALLY got this post out, because of some technological difficulty… with all things, my butt picture. But, I just had to show you my butt!]

On Friday (July 20th) of our trip to Dallas, I engaged in some wargames. Two of the other husbands organized a group to go to GatSplat in Texas for some paintball wars.

The way Seminar works is that on Day 2, there is education for the consultants and directors and for the spouses there are a few activities that guys like, such as visit the U.S. Mint, Work on a Ranch for a day, Golf. Well, in the past, I have always attended the education classes which I always get something out of them.

This year, I was skipping the classes and going for fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had only seen paintball on TV and that was on ESPN2 where they are “slightly” competitive.

I met James and some of his crew down at the lobby of the Hyatt around 8:30 where we figured out the logisitics of getting to the place about 30 minutes from downtown.

Ron (Allison) and James (LaMarr) had organized this Gentlemen’s Excursion and through Ron’s Million Dollar Cancer Beating wife and My Lovely and Talented wife, I was on my way to do battle with little balls of paint. I never really thought if they hurt when they hit you.

When we got there, we (about 20 of us) had a short introduction course on proper paintball etiquette and “rules of engagement”. What was nice was that even though this place wasn’t a huge outfit, they still had a high level of professionalism and integrity, so you knew that 1) you were going to have fun and 2) Problems would be handled accordingly.

So the first step was to charge the gun. Running off compressed air, you had to make sure that you had enough air in the gun, else the paint ball would just roll out of the barrell. You wanted MAXIMUM KILLING FORCE, I mean pressure, for when you were on the battlefield. Next, we tried on the mask… or the “anti-eyeball removal shield”. The mask protected you from replacing your eyeball with a paintball, but if a paintball burst over the breathing vent, you were eating paint. It doesn’t taste good.

Once we all loaded up and masked up, we went out to the playing field where we were divided in two teams, NEAR SIDE and FAR SIDE. Once in our designated areas we had an initial shooting practice in which we got to be intimate with our weapons. There were others like mine, but this is my paintball gun.

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